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Ranks & Commands

On this page, you get to know, which ranks exist on Minevaria, what each rank allows you to do and which commands you’ll need for it.

For detailed information about certain commands, please consult /help or for WorldEdit //help, for instance /help /mail or //help //set.

Guest (Gast)

Upon entering Minevaria for the first time, you’re a Guest.
You can move freely and explore the world, teleport to fixed locations (warps) and communicate with other people.
However, you cannot build anything, as this is reserved for citizens (i. e. members).

As a Guest, you have access to the following commands, among others:

/help Show available commands or get information about a command
/helpop Contact available moderators and administrators
/rules Show link to the rules
/list List people who are currently online
/compass Show current cardinal direction
/getpos Show current coordinates
/afk Marks you as away-from-keyboard
/spawn Teleport to the spawn point of the current world
/warp Teleport to fixed locations (warps), e. g. cities
/home Teleport to private home point
/sethome Set home point
/delhome Remove home point
/tpaccept Accept teleport request
/tpdeny Deny teleport request
/back Return to previous location after teleporting
/mail Send or read mail

Architect (Architekt)

Once you become a member of Minevaria, you’re an Architect.
Architects can build, fly, change modes and more.

As an Architect, you have access to the following commands, among others:

/i Receive items
/more Refill stack
/itemdb Search for an item
/kit Item kits
/heads get X Receive head of X
/fly Toggle fly mode
/gm 0
/gm survival
Switch to survival mode
/gm 1
/gm creative
Switch to creative mode
/msg Send private instant messages
/bigtree Plant a big tree
/enderchest Open ender chest
/workbench Open crafting table menu
/anvil Open anvil menu
/grindstone Open grindstone menu
/stonecutter Open stonecutter menu
/cartographytable Open cartography table menu
/loom Open loom menu
/smithingtable Open smithing table menu
/disposal Open disposal menu
/thru Walk through wall in front of you
Go up a floor
Go down a floor
/top Teleport to highest block at current position
/jump Jump to nearest block in line of sight
/tpa Send teleport request to someone’s location
/tpahere Send teleport request to your location
/tpacancel Cancel teleport request
/ptime Adjust private time
//calc Calculator
//help Help for WorldEdit commands

Master Builder (Baumeister)

Master Builders are experienced architects. They enjoy privileges which assist with particularly big buildings. These include several WorldEdit functions. Moreover, they can use the spectator mode and set multiple home points.

As a Master Builder, you have access to the following commands, among others:

/gm 3
/gm spectator
Switch to specator mode
Armor Stand Tools
//wand Receive WorldEdit wand
//size Show information about selection area (or clipboard)
//sel Clear selection (without parameter) or choose a region selector
//expand Expand selection area in one direction
//contract Contract selection area in one direction
//outset Expand selection area in all directions
//inset Contract selection area in all directions
//shift Shift selection area (without contents)
//move Move contents of selection area
//set Replace entire selection area with block
//replace Replace certain blocks in selection area with a different one
//center Set center block of selection area
//walls Build four sides of the selection area
//cyl Generate a cylinder/circle
//hcyl Generate a hollow cylinder/circle
//pyramid Generate a pyramid
//hpyramid Generate a hollow pyramid
//sphere Generate a sphere
//hsphere Generate a hollow sphere
//copy Copy contents of selection region
//cut Cut contents of selection region
//paste Paste contents of clipboard
//rotate Rotate contents of clipboard
//flip Flip contents of clipboard
//undo Undoes the last WorldEdit action
//redo Repeats a WorldEdit action after //undo
//clearhistory Clear WorldEdit history
/wesv toggle Toggles visualization of the selection region
/tool Binds a tool to currently held item: cycler, stacker, repl, info, none


With the assistance of WorldEdit, Terraformers shape the landscape and edit biomes.

As a Terraformer, you have access to the following commands, among others:

/speed Adjust walk or fly speed
//br Use currently held item as a WorldEdit brush
/forestgen Generate forest
/pumpkins Generate pumpkin patch
//drain Drain water and lava
/fixwater Fix water to be stationary
/fixlava Fix lava to be stationary
//extinguish Extinguish nearby fire
//green Convert dirt to grass blocks
//snow Let it snow
//thaw Thaw the area
/biomeinfo Show information about biomes in selection area
/biomelist List all available biomes
//setbiome Set biome


Together with the Kings, these trustworthy veterans plan and manage the cities, villages and landscapes of Minevaria.
Planners get access to schematics and the "Playground" (Spielplatz) – a flat world just for experimentation and storage.

As a Planner, you have access to the following commands, among others:

/dynmap webregister Register for Dynmap and unlock map of the Playground
/mvtp Spielplatz Teleport to the Playground
/time Change time
/editsign Edit existing sign
/itemname Edit name of an item
/itemlore Edit description/lore of an item
/repair Repair durability of an item
/skull Replace skull in hand with another skin
//count Count a single type of block in selection area
//distr Count all blocks in selection area or clipboard
//schem save Save contents of clipboard as schematic
//schem load Load schematic to clipboard
//schem list List all available schematics
//regen Regenerate selection area
/powertool Bind power tools to currently held item
/powertooltoggle Toggle power tools


Moderators make sure that everything in the community runs smoothly.
They can – if necessary – kick, ban, roll back changes and more.
The instructions of a moderator must always be followed.


An Administrator takes care of the proper functioning of the server and its plugins.
That includes, for instance, the creation of warps, the configuration of the live map and management of worlds and portals.

King (König)

This is the owner rank of the server.
A King is able to do anything and a King is allowed to do anything.
Only in the survival world, their powers are limited.