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The white and blue kingdom

Be our guest

Dear visitor, we, the kings and architects of Minevaria, welcome you to our website. We'd like to invite you to visit our white and blue cube world, on this website and on the server.

Server-IP: minevaria.eu Version: 1.20.4 Status: Online

You, your work and the world of Minevaria

Are you skilled at building appealing structures? Are you building cozy cabins or rather big sights? Or whole villages? Are you taking pleasure in furnishing edifices? Or do you have a preference for designing imposing gardens and parks? If you can answer at least one of these questions with "yes", you've come to the right server!


Minevaria is a virtual Bavarian world which was founded in summer of 2011 as a cozy creative server for a small number of Minecraft architects. We're not only interested in pixel blocks but also art, culture and history. We focus on Bavaria up until the 19th century and historical architecture, albeit with a few retrofuturistic or fantastic elements.

Our server isn't a sprint, but a marathon! Since the beginning we build on the same map which is successfully protected from vandalism up to the present day by exclusive building privileges for a small community.
New members are welcome at all times!

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