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For the protection of our world, we enable each builder’s building rights individually.
On this page, you get to know, how to apply for participation or send in a guest contribution.


If you’re interested in participating on the server, you can apply as an architect.
You can either fill in the lower form or directly contact one of us.


  • You have bought Minecraft.
  • You have read and accepted our rules.
  • You should build well.
  • You should be friendly and mature.
  • You don’t need to call in every day, but it would be nice to meet you every now and then.
  • Discord, Skype or Steam are desirable but optional. It would help with communicating a lot.
  • You should already have looked around and know the one or other spot. We won’t quiz you about it, but you should know how to leave the spawn in Minechen.

What you’ll get

  • You’ll be entitled to build on Minevaria.
  • You’ll be able to use creative mode and the command /i.
  • If requested, you’ll get schematics of your buildings.
  • Plot borders, if present at all, are merely suggestions. They’re non-binding.

What information you should include

  • Answers to the following questions: Who are you? What do you prefer building? Since when are you building in Minecraft? etc.
  • A few references like screenshots, schematics, world saves or a profile on websites like Planet Minecraft or DeviantArt
  • You may also show off your skills in the survival world.

Guest contributions

Instead of applying as an architect, you can also send in guest contributions.
This means that you send your building as a schematic or a world save to Fritoeser, who can upload it to the server and possibly will include in the world.

Are you interested in such a guest contribution? If so, send screenshots showing your structure to Fritoeser.