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Fritoeser ... had his first experiences with the beta version 1.5 in April 2011 and later on the server Germiney with Bukkit and its plugins, especially WorldEdit, which XXXSky was created with. With the birth of Minevaria in August, also work outside of the Minecraft window became necessary. Besides architecture, terraforming and Bukkit/Spigot, he's responsible for the server's presence in the web, including the website. You can expect him to build small, cozy huts as well as huge monuments, like the Königsplatz, the Wolkenhalle, and the White Arena.


Palando ... was introduced to the Minecraft beta version 1.3 in March 2011 and played on a few survival servers, including home servers. Then, the implementation of dogs, weather, and other innovations convinced him of buying it. He could be found on Germiney, too, but small builds didn't satisfy him, so he's building on Minevaria now. His focus is on building big structures like Neuschwanstein Castle, the Maximilianeum or the Church of Our Lady in Minechen.