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Chielo is a "floating city", consisting of multiple floating islands, largely above Minevarian waters, which are connected by bridges. Another bridge is located between Chielo and a mountain which connects the city with the mainland using stairs, the "stairway to heaven". The nearest village is Weizenhof.

Transport minister F. Ritoeser is currently taking care of the construction of the Airway system which will connect Chielo to the rail network.


In May 2011, Chielo (or XXXSky as it was called back then) was created on the first map of the server Germiney, beginning with the first four islands around the Red Chair. Later, on the fourth map, XXXSky was re-introduced with smaller changes and extensions over the course of time. From now on, the city was called Chielo (from eo. "ĉielo"), which translates to "sky". Today, the Chielo from then roughly makes up the district Radiko.


Radiko is the "root" of Chielo. In the old town, there are the oldest sights of the "city in the sky". Some of them are the Red Chair, the Maya Temple and the Paulanergarten, a beer garden. One of the islands even houses a fully functional mechanism for the execution of criminals. A newer monument is the Creators' Square, commemorative of the city's creation. On older islands, you'll find smaller buildings. Typical for Radiko are narrow, wooden paths and bridges as well as varying architectural styles and plot sizes.



Centro is situated south of Radiko and the central district around the Wolkenhalle. The islands feature hills and valleys. Broad, wooden suspension bridges connect the islands and the paths are made of bricks. An exception to this is Rotberg Island with paths in the design of Radiko.

To the west of the Wolkenhalle which towers over the floating city, on Hallental Island, there's the rail station of Chielo, which is connected to the metro via the so-called Airway. The adjacent island in the south of Hallental, Dachtal ("roof valley"), got its name from the fact that its located above the roof of the Airway. From there you'll get to Ringberg Island where a viewing platform offers a view of the district Arda.


Bag End

Arda is located to the west of Radiko and consists of themed islands about Tolkien's Middle Earth. The district begins with the mill of Ted Sandyman, an ally of Saruman. Continuing over The Water, you'll get to the famous Green Dragon Inn, where hobbits and travelers like to stop for a beer and a good story. Directly after the inn follows Hobbiton to the left and Bag End, home of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, to the right. Walking straight on instead, you'll reach the village Stock where the Brandywine Bridge separates the Shire from the Bree-land islands. After crossing the river Baranduin, you'll come upon an old elven ruin and another hobbit settlement, namely Buckland. Brandy Hall and the Bucklebury Ferry can be found there. The latter gets you to Maggot's farm and back to the Shire. As a word of warning, though, some who entered and went astray in the Old Forest were never to be seen again! Furthermore under construction or planned are the Barrow-downs, Bree and the Lone-lands.
It's recommended to explore the islands off the beaten path.

Selection of buildings

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