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Senate hall

After long planning, Palando decided to build the Maximilianeum in autumn 2014. It's located north of Wittelsbach Square in Klenzing. The surrounding forest allows political secret talks.

Source of inspiration

The Maximilianeum, a palatial building in Munich, was named after its builder, King Maximilian II of Bavaria, father of the famous King Ludwig II. It was, however, finished as late as 1874, ten years after the king's sudden death in 1864. The intention was to erect "a great national edifice" as a place for talented students. Since 1949, it is the seat of the Bavarian State Parliament, the Landtag. In addition, it housed the Bavarian Senate until it was abolished at the end of 1999 by means of a referendum in 1998. The plenary chamber of the Parliament and the Senate Hall were modernized in the 2000s, yet both halls were replicated in their original classical design.

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